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Audit-proof document control

Version: 5.3
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co.documents – a professional management system

  • Web-based document management and steering
  • Efficient workflow and segregation of duties
  • Automated distribution by group, distribution list or scope by dynamic notification engine
  • Even complex organisational structures can be modelled easily.
  • Process orented navigation
  • Flexible reporting
  • Comfortable access through any Web-Browser or mobile device
  • Embedded usage of Microsoft Office package
  • Hardly any software maintenance

Professional business processes for a modern holistic quality management

A solid and controlled information basis is the prerequisite to master today’s requirements on corporate governance on the one hand and the challenges of managing product- and service quality on the other.

co.documents structures and accelerates your business processes. Target oriented steering of content with a unique 4-level notofication engine avoids spam and keeps your organisation informed according tot he need. Superfluous and unproductive streams of communication are avoided – the desired exchange of information runs controlled and efficient.

The reliable workflows of co.documents are a key component of any internal control system. Roles based access rights help to implement a segregation of duties of authors, reviewers and approvers.

All parts of the organisation (departments, legal units, locations, positions, cost/profit centres, business units) receive the information packages relevant for them. The application keeps an audit trail of all changes and information routing and thereby supports an audit- and certification procedures (such as ISO 9001, GMP, IFS, or FDA).