co_social radar

Evaluation of social media

Version: 1.5
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co_social radar, managing the stakeholder community

  • Manage your business’s reputation and legal risk proactively
  • Avoid claims or severe crisis and expand the reaction time to quality issues
  • Listen in to a broad spectrum of communities
  • Filter only relevant communication
  • Escalate alarming messaging instantly
  • Have overview over all the internally available quality information concerning the issue

Latest developments in various industries worldwide make the necessity of a quick reaction to quality and compliance issues avoiding or at least minimising legal and reputational risks apparent. The right and optimised combination of keywords allows you to monitor product, service and company data in the communication of internet communities. The centralised web-application will deliver you the content to all relevant issues and escalate those, which require immediate reaction.

Furthermore, the system will retrieve contracts, goods entry controls, audits, trainings, maintenance reports, test analytics, complaints, ideas related to the issue from the centralised database. Hence, all concerned and responsible organisational units can reconcile a joint response based on facts.

Quality information from the user or consumer community, market segment, competition, business partners or other stakeholders are useful information and should be analysed and correlated with internal data on the long run. co_social radar therefore provides a reporting engine with dynamic ad hoc statistics or standard reports, which can be pushed periodically or in an alert situation by the system or retrieved online.