Sustainable Quality Management

for enterprises of any size

C.O.S. is your capable and reliable partner for implementation and maintenance of an audit-proof and modern quality management system.

Sustainable quality management reaches far beyond adherence to norms and regulations to us. Therefore, our IT solutions provide maximum transparency, integration and automisation. We make it easy for all stakeholders of different departments to maintain control and cooperate efficiently. Anytime at any location around the world.

After analysis of your requirements we put together our tailored solution based on our pre-developed web-based components, which we individually adapt to your processes, infrastructure, and system landscape.

The main advantage of our future-oriented approach is the capability to analyse all quality-related information through seamless reporting.

The cooperation of all stakeholders is supported through our unique notification system that distributes documents, tasks, ideas, complaints, audit results and other quality-related information to all relevant persons – regardless of location or country. Modelling the organisational structure simplifies and accelerates work flows significantly, particularly the cooperation between departments and locations.


C.O.S at a glance

  • Tailored solutions
  • Flexible
  • Software for tomorrow
  • Fast
  • Cost-efficient
  • ISO-certified development and support
  • Up to date web-based technology
  • Unique Automated Information Distribution System
  • Capability to immediately react on a quality problem
  • Radar for social networks (risk management)
  • Industry solutions for automotive, manufacturing, and the chemical industry
  • Capable German, English, and French support