co_goods reception

Control incoming goods efficiently

Version: 1.0
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What is co_goods reception?

  • Goods reception procedure with integrated supplier rating
  • Risk-oriented and efficient procurement processes
  • Workflow sequences adapted to product group-, supplier- or risk classes
  • Automated role based notification and continuous monitoring of the supply chain
  • International handling for overseas/X-border trade
  • Direct and traceable supplier communication
  • Systematic evaluation of delivery attributes like quality, -timeliness and pricing
  • Automatic interface to ERP-systems and the module C.O.Analytics (capturing material testing results and certificates

Goods reception controls

A sustainable market approach is based on a risk-oriented management of purchased materials and services. The first communication disaster in the social media or extremely expensive recall of deficient parts will cause costly firefighting and raise questions of quality and traceability of production and supply. Avoid reputational damage and provide input assurance through an traceable, adequate and balanced set of internal controls.

Furthermore, norms and laws regulate the handling and documentation of goods reception and various industries. Manage samples and your testing results centrally. Develop the best procedures to hedge the commercial risk and address product specifications of any received delivery using a library of testing, notification, escalation and control work steps. Your organisation can evaluate all deliveries in the most efficient way on a reliable quality level.

After scanning the delivery note all related roles are notified by the system automatically, timely and on a need to know basis. Delays, miscommunication or superfluous discussions with the supplier are avoided.

Using optical character recognition (OCR) the mapping of purchase orders, creditor invoices and respective measures like price reductions, (partial) returns, or storage of the goods are supported or triggered by the system.

Interfaces include OCR-scanning, warehouse, voucher and supplier master data from accounting or ERP-system.

Professional Reporting

The results can be visualised under statistical aspects using organisational, geographical dimensions or the mapping of products, suppliers, functions, frame contracts or risk classes. New risks or patterns including the dependencies to other quality relevant information captured in the various C.O. modules can be detected and addressed. With this early radar warning business partners can be approached and the situation can be displayed fact based for a solid decision making.
Besides the standard reporting regarding supplier performance a set of KPIs helps to control the supply chain and the quality of the received deliveries.