Wholistic Qualitymanagement

…addresses the individual business model of your enterprise.

The product portfolio of C.O.S covers

      • all Phases of the product life cycle,
      • all industries and market segments,
      • knowledge-based tasks, collaboration and structured communication.


  • Analytics Management stores your measurements and testing results and signals values crossing a predefined threshold automatically.
  • Audit Tracking helps to spot deficiencies and cure them systematically and timely.
  • Contract Management documents the authorised and controlled commercial quality standards.
  • Complaint Resolution collects all criticism and issues to efficiently direct them to an adequate and accordingly predefined solution.
  • Goods Reception secures the quality level on the input side of the supply chain.
  • Gauging und Asset Maintenance keeps your productive assets and measurement equipment in shape.
  • Innovation Management stimulates the creativity of the work force.
  • Issue Tracking tracks all activities and ad-hoc defined workflows without superfluous bureaucracy or complex project management methods.
  • Management Manual structures your content, enables collaboration and distributes the knowledge in the organisation systematically.
  • Output Management controls external communication for efficient, authorised, consistent, auditable and clear messaging.
  • Project Management provides project oriented organisations a methodical framework to repeat and structure workflows – even among different locations and plants.
  • Training Tracking administers the knowledge of the workforce to avoid low quality standards or design flaws due to lack of competency.
  • Quality Radar scans social media for product- company specific news to signal quality issues as early as possible.
  • Reporting offers modul specific standard reports – e.g. KPIs. But also X-module pattern recognition like quality cost per department, product related tasks and content at a glance.

All modules have a simplified enduser interface for entering or just displaying the information on mobile devices – close to the place of work.

The search function scans all text based information – independent of the format.

Quality related data is critical for the company’s success. This requires a solid security architecture:

      • Logical access controls – two factor authentication,
      • Segregation of duties through roll based task allocation,
      • Encryption of network and database level,
      • Audittrail and logging function parametrisable to meet the individual organisation’s requirements.
The respective modules are described in detail on the product pages.