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C.O.S Collaboration Online Systems

Since our founding in 1982 we are a dedicated and innovative information technology company. Since 1999 we concentrate on workflow systems for risk- and quality management. We apply modern web technology and highest IT-security standards. Our products run on the most platforms and are scalable to all organisational sizes. We cover a wide range of industries. Our team works from subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Germany and Morocco.

Integrated quality management using C.O.S Software

Running an efficient quality management system is like conducting an orchestra: knowledge and information from various heterogeneous sources drives your business processes. Therefore, you need integrated workflows and well-coordinated information streams to prevent risks for your company, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders or to detect them timely. Discover our innovative software solutions, design for your industry and customised to your individual organisation’s needs.

Your professional partner for:

  • management systems,
  • complaint- and contract handling,
  • innovation/creativity management and continuous improvement,
  • risk- and audit management,
  • issue tracking,
  • Knowledge and tracking management

C.O.S is your reliable supplier and provider for a tailored, holistic and traceable quality management system. Invest solidly into your prosperous future. Backed by over three decades of expertise in our team.

Qualiy management with C.O.S software

Our pre-designed industry solutions provide tailwind: obviously, the introduction of the new applications and modules is much faster, but furthermore the efficiency of your organisation is increased by accelerated business processes improving your output, throughput, quality and productivity. Our risk- and quality management system will always guarantee you accurate, consistent and current information and ease your decision-making.

Simple access and installation, user friendly and attractive interface stimulate the quality awareness. Artificial intelligence and social radar help you to discover hidden problems before they grow into a threat.

Our products

Take a look at the industry solutions:

We have prepared a structured approach to model your data, specific workflows and distribution of information. We support your organisation to comply with norms and regulations, monitor your risk and quality and control your products and services.

Trust the most sophisticated document control software

Get in touch with our team and have the necessary expertise at your hand: 30 years of experience in all industries, with all company sizes and information technologies have made us a reliable expert for integrated risk- and quality management and provide you a complete functional spectrum.

Integrated stakeholder perspective, risk- and process oriented and multi-norm approach allows you to comply to all regulations and pass any certification audit without any stress. Over 250.000 commercial user prove the success of C.O.S. Find your solution for your industry. Get certified e.g. under the ISO or GMP Standard using the co_suite.

Does your organization need a quality manual, complaints module, risk or idea management? Just give us a ring or drop us an e-mail through our contact form. C.O.S is at your service.