Measure instrument and asset maintenance control

Version: 2.0
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co_maintenance, automated measure instrument and asset maintenance control

  • Your production process or service operations uses tools, assets or instruments that require regular gauging, maintenance.
  • For business continuity an automated and reliable notification should ensure timely preparation and a stringent and systematic implementation of all related tasks.
  • Messaging and escalation of due and overdue tasks guarantee a minimal manual administrational overhead.
  • Any individual maintenance plan can be entered and modified. Certificates and logs of all activities are filed to keep track and audit trail of the underlying asset, tool or instrument.
  • The relationship to any other quality relevant information can be easily administered in the central database.
  • Progress of the maintenance project / activities can be monitored and reported online at any time. Delays and dependencies are discovered or avoided.
  • Does organisation’s size lie can still be handled above a threshold responsibly manually, is the maintenance of long term assets critical to your company’s success or the measuring equipment’s accuracy and reliability fundamental for a quality output?

Professional maintenance control

A modern web application collects and masters all gauging and maintenance requirements and plans. Responsible task owners are notified about due activities automatically and reliably. A configurable interface integrates your inventory of assets from the accounting or ERP-system. All tasks are administered and monitored and centrally. Nothing is kept in the personal calendar of an employee to allow the organisation to maintain and gauge their assets independent of a single person. All reminders are sent at a customised time buffer beforehand. Due and overdue activities are escalated automatically to avoid delays. The quality/maintenance or gauging manager uses the central reporting engine to monitor progress, costs and problems.