co_ knowledge

Knowledge management

Manage and distribute quality assured knowledge for your business to all your organization members – simple and structured, intelligent and transparent.

Version: 2


  • Any content of any format is captured, secured and administered centrally, jointly and systematically.
  • Quality assurance by a controlled workflow with opinions and formal authorization.
  • Directed distribution among your teams.
  • Monitoring the relevance and dumping/archiving obsolete or outdated elements

How to capture knowledge

Modern Media simplify and accelerate the spread of facts and alternative facts today. Running a business requires economic and reliable platform for searching, sharing and targeted distribution of the information relevant to the business. C.O.S developed the module co_knowledge with powerful taxonomy, search functions and workflows.

co_knowledge enables your organisation, to handle growing quantities of information extracting the relevant parts and quality assuring them.

co_knowledge all content, contributions and elements can be arranged and tagged applying an individual taxonomy scheme defined for your subject matter. Semantic search or other patterns and associative links are used to implement your organisation’s mindmap for a fast and traceable result.

co_knowledge supports the quality assurance process by a segregation of duties collecting also various opinions of subject matter experts.

co_knowledge provides a central platform for all knowledge management related aspects and functions:

  • Logical structure for all content with archiving function
  • Linking various formats like texts/documents pictures, process charts, projects plans, teams, geo-maps, constructions drawings, videos, … and hybrid combinations
  • Individual, multi-dimensional taxonomy defined to meet your organisation’s way of thinking
  • Sharing knowledge among all locations
  • Easy to use and inspiring user experience
  • Version control and audit trail

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