Hosting Scenarios: On Site – Cloud – Hybrid

The co_suite of C.O.S is adaptable to all scenarios and architectures:

On premise

The software runs on your own servers and is globally available from your company network. This scenario applies to:

  • Confidential content
  • Established and powerful company infrastructures
  • Poor reliability of the cloud services in remote locations

C.O.S’s experienced experts provide a reliable introduction method for a reliable, fast, quality assured and cost saving start. The licence fees far below the competition’s allow to insure the investment by subscription schemes that guarantee the actual software version at any time.

Cloud (SaaS)

The complete software incl. maintenance and data management is provided as a service from the web. This has advantages for:

  • SMEs, saving on hardware investment, operating cost and installation fees can provide fist class tailored software on a fast track.
  • Remote locations or traveling salesmen without access to the company network but to the cloud services can collaborate with the rest of the organisation.
  • Large quantities of data already stored in the cloud already and/or other software (e.g. office programs) are used from a cloud provider.

The application is available from the Microsoft cloud computer centres and from our German partner Ratiokontakt.


The application is hosted on premise. Some of the content is stored in the cloud. The scenario applies  for the following situations:

  • The organisation uses confidential or large data volumes with less confidential or large content in a common structure.
  • A subset of the data is is in the cloud already and/ or other software (e.g. office programs) are used from a cloud provider.
  • Streaming services of the cloud providers are better accessible (e.g. you tube).

We have created the borderless integration with the azure- or Googledrive-scenario. Authentication and data transfer allow a completely smooth user experience.