Communication automated and controlled output and template management

co_documents, the solution to control your organisation’s perception in public

  • How often does your organisation correspond with business partners, product users or citizens?
  • Is the content legally/commercially relevant?
  • Does your organisation require a common and unified layout, controlled content and respected corporate design?
  • Should the effort of multiple content generation and review be avoided or systematically eliminated?
  • Do you need an audit trail to keep track of critical parts of the communication?

Professional template creation and revising

A modern web interface takes a simple content management to a higher level: A reliable, central and auditable platform integrates all users role-based. All written communication is managed, templates and documents underlie centralised controls. The integration of the popular Microsoft Office package eases the use, minimises the operational effort and enhances the productivity. Confidentiality can be achieved by an embedded encryption and two factor logical access controls. All tasks are monitored centrally and multiple creation of content is avoided. Automated distribution, reminder and escalation procedures control the workflow. All content and templates can be versioned. All changes are logged in the central database. After the content or template has become invalid, the system withdraws it from the user access and archives it.

To avoid redundancies and inconsistencies all content can be referred or embedded in templates – incl. recursions. Respective Add Ins (Word, Excel, Visio) enable direct access to templates and documents from the Office-application incl. automated user authentication.

The automated bookmark replacement facility allow to embed dynamic information in the content.

Experienced output management and distribution

All static data is imported from the Windows Active Directory or another HR-interface to allow a completely dynamic notification mechanism.

The templates are arranged and distributed under geographical and/or organisational aspects. Hence, each employee is focused to his subset of information and is acknowledged about changes in his parts of templates and content. The group of authors can be separated completely from template designers to establish a segregation of duties principle. Thus each user finds his personal environment allowing him to work highly effective.

Sometimes external regulations change. All interdependencies and required changes to the internal documentation can be derived easily using the reference list shows all content and templates that are logically depending on the modified parts of the external regulation to enable a target oriented and efficient change management process.

Publication, printing, archiving or any other output channels are operated without additional investments. An open architecture allows to connect co_documents by configurable interfaces to other existing systems.

For security enforcement the following concepts are integrated:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication,
  • Role-based user privilliges and logical access controls,
  • Digital signature and encryption by author or organisation,
  • Encrypted storage on database and for all network traffic.

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