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Not only pandemic crisis throw a sport light on the health care sector. Institutions like NHS, CNS, … are subject to continuous observation, criticism but also improvement.

Challenges from epidemic events, hygiene risks of multi-resistant germs, aging pyramid of patients, medical infrastructure, ethical questions, new scientific insights, under growing cost pressure poses challenges on the (public) health sector that it can meet with an appropriate risk- and quality management system only.

Patient surveys with adequate criteria from their perspective/perception of the services is a key to maintaining a high quality level.

The ISO norm 9001 with its risk- and process-based approach requires an integrated system to meet the quality requirements effectively.

To a large degree this is true also for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

C.O.S provides solutions for all areas

A unified documentation allow to distribute norms and regulations internally as a foundation of a solid quality policy. Your own QM-documentation is kept in the module co_documents as well. It guarantees the efficient and automated notification of all organisational members on latest updates and changes.

To address emergencies or crisis like SARS CoVid19 you have prepared, trained and documented emergency plans at hand.

The co_complaints module collects the criticism of patients, employees, business partners or other stakeholders to discover and address root causes.


The training module keeps your staff competent and complaint. Audits and resulting actions on findings are tracked in co_audits.

Cutting edge ist he fact that all of these modules share a common database allowing to discover hidden common patterns regarding products, deseases, locations, treatments, organisational setup etc.

Patient’s feedback is systematically entered and evaluated by a customisable questionnaire per app Based on the statistics you can derive the necessary measures to raise the satisfaction level and plan, budget and track them in co_issues.

The complexity of large organisations is reduced by flexible customisation of master data. Small units as drug stores clinical institutions can apply cost efficient cloud hosted solutions.

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