co_TMdocuments version 6

The new co_documents module has been rolled out. This is what users commented during the acceptance testing:

  • “Administration area good and clear “
  • “Changes in the documentation area are good”
  • “The database/system reacts very satisfactory in terms of time performance”
  • “Manual template clearly laid out”
  • “Overview key word and lexicon good”

Other comments from the user community:

  • “Runs on any browser and device”
  • “Total auditability through consistent logging.”
  • “Using approved templates only, provides better content control.”

“Norms and regulations sub-module with clearly defined access controls and transparent roles.”


We support you with our home office solutions

We help businesses to survive the Corona crisis: with our home office-solutions we keep your business processes running. Task management in teams, document and contract management hosted in the cloud and available at a starter price of 50€/month. During the crisis we will grant the introduction training for free.


HTML5 version of co_documents

The final testing of the new HTML5 based Version of co_documents is currently running. Besides the new modernized UI new functions in the area of norms and templates are included. Rollout is scheduled for May 2020.


Pattern recognition as part of risk and problem analysis

AI is applied to derive patterns during risk- and problem analysis. These new tools will accelerate and ease the search within the existing data and content. Furthermore, it will help to organise and structure the quality management system.