Manufacturing industry (co_documents)

co_documents, the risk-based, process-oriented, cross-norm management system

  • Do you want to structure your policies, guidelines, operating procedures and all relationships among each other consistently and centralised?
  • Do your operations require an up to date documentation?
  • Can you estimate your risk exposure and refer to your (counter) measures and controls?
  • Can you retrieve all other quality-related information inside your quality management system and analyse patterns at one glance?
  • Does the norm requirement „process orientation“ mean more to your organisation than drawing a few charts?
  • Does your organisation adhere to more than one norm and is therefore challenged to avoid risks and harmonise requirements?
  • Are all stakeholders automatically kept informed about quality issues from a central and consistent information base?

Management System

A modern web application controls authorisation and notification processes. All related tasks are triggered, controlled and monitored centrally – including reminders and escalation procedures. All workflow steps are logged.

Logical access controls enforce the segregation of duties role-based.

Working process orientated is enabled using maps, process references and process responsible roles.

A risk-catalogue allows the relate exposure to respective controls and to report an overview for the organisation as a whole.

The module „Norms and Regulations“ does not only allow the distribution of modified or new documents. It also allows to view all related internal documentation at a glance.

Parametrisation of workflows and templates addresses the needs according to the meaning and lifecycle of the information content.

Solely readers can access a personalised and complexity reduced interface from their mobile device.


Notification and distribution

Tasks and content are distributed and published, so that each individual member of the organisation or geographical unit sees his/her individual workload and information.

You can declare content as confidential content and the system will restrict the access to a specified group of authorised personnel, encrypt the data and will send the readers through an additional authentication procedure.

Corporate Governance

co_documents provides a technical communication framework for effective corporate-governance, in which quality and risk management are embedded.


You can integrate product master or business partner data from your ERP or accounting system.

Static user data can be imported from your HR-system or LDAP. Any other interface can be created easily due to the open architecture.

Other modules

Application solutions