Design Thinking

… stimulate ideas and get issues resolved

  • Benefit from the creative potential and knowledge of your team!
  • Improve motivation and identification with the company!
  • A simple app collects and supports the maturity process from problem to resolution!
  • Support an easy and informal process!

Collection of issues

A modern Web-app collects improvement potential from all employees and detects relevant subject matter experts for the issues. After publication all employees can share their thoughts, contributions and comments. Thus, the issues are driven to a solution through the phases of design thinking .

  1. Understand: The app collects issues and publishes them. Tagging allows identification of subject matter experts and their notification.
  2. Observer: interviews with the “suffering” community or studies of the physical environment are recorded in the app.
  3. Point of view: The team members exchange their opinions to gain deeper insight and improve awareness.
  4. Ideation: Ideas produced in brainstorming are collected.
  5. Synthesis: Ideas are evaluated, elaborated and combined to achieve a mature approach.
  6. Prototype: Based on the selected theoretical solution a prototype is produced and can be documented in the app.
  7. Test: The test results are uploaded to allow a better implementation of the solution.
  8. Interface co_issues: if the prototype has been tested positively, the idea can either be submitted to the idea management module or directly implemented using the Issue tracking

All content can be enriched audios, picture or videos.


Issues and solution approaches can be reported and prioritised everywhere and anytime. All experts can share their specific knowledge.


The model is part of the Collaboration Online Suite. Dependencies and relationships of issues with other ideas, audit findings, documentation, projects or contracts can easily be detected to support the holistic quality management principle.


The matured ideas can be transferred directly to the idea management module to avid information loss. If the solution project can start right away, a corresponding project can be created in the co_issues module as well.

User master data and organisational context can be uploaded from LDAP automatically. The open architecture allows to interface any other system without any effort.

Other modules

Application solutions