Laboratory automated testing – and laboratory result management

  • Can you report your analytics and results by product, time interval, test procedure, business partner or testing facility at any time?
  • Are your quality test results of legal relevance or are subject to commercial, governmental regulations or industry standards somewhere along the supply chain?
  • Can you detect relations or common patterns with other quality relevant data?
  • Should an adequate audit trail be logged for all results e.g. for warranty cases?
  • Does the frequency and variety of testing and measurement procedures make a manual management difficult and expensive?

Professional automated upload of results

Automated upload of testing results from testing facility interfaces keeps your information base consistent and current. All related tasks are controlled and monitored centrally. Reminder or escalation on critical test results or overdue testing procedures are distributed automatically by the system. Review and approval stage are logged for all test results to provide a transparent audit trail. The user access is immediately revoked to avoid manipulations and guarantee unadulterated results.

Routine workflow and distribution of results

The results of all measurements and examinations are distributed under geographical and organisational aspects on a need to know basis. It is good practice to segregate the functions of test operators and responsible decision makers and to reflect this in the logical access controls. The latter group and the quality management function is automatically notified about negative or critical test outcomes.

Changes due to modified external requirements or regulations can be easily implemented following the applications reference list.

Professional reporting

The reporting module can sort, filter and analyse the proposals according to the dimensions cost, benefit, time span, department, location, product, other similar proposals, other related audit results, management system, training (if the respective modules are implemented).

Corporate Governance

Analytics based on co_documents supports your Corporate-Governance- framework or your sovereign tasks. A transparent and technological platform minimises legal or reputational risks, structures the communication and provides a solid information base for product improvements.


The digital output from the testing facility is directly imported into the database. All static user data and organisational master data are kept current by automated import from the Windows LDAP or Active Directory or any other HR-data source. An open architecture makes the implementation of other interfaces easy.

Other modules

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