Plant engineering and construction industry

  • Do you want to structure your policies, guidelines, operating procedures and all relationships among each other consistently and centralised?
  • Do your operations require a current and/or confidential documentation?
  • Can you estimate your risk exposure and refer to your (counter) measures and controls?
  • Can you retrieve all other quality-related information inside your quality management system and analyse patterns at one glance?
  • Does the norm requirement „process orientation“ mean more to your organisation than drawing a few charts?
  • Does your organisation adhere to more than one norm and is therefore challenged to avoid risks and harmonise requirements?
  • Are all stakeholders automatically kept informed about quality issues from a central and consistent information base?

Modules of the co_suite

  • Documents to collect all information like construction plans, drawings, protocols, ….
  • Issues for planning, running and steering your projects incl. Progress monitoring.
  • The Project module administers very large projects within the organization according to a role based approach.
  • Contracts controls an authorisation procedure and reminds you on due dates, renewal periods.
  • The Reporting module provides you KPIs and dashboards, statistical analysis and deviation reports – always current.

Fast and secured access

The internal control system with a segragtion of duties can be established easily e.g. to control budgets also be expanded to the Cloud.  All data can be accessed at any time from anywhere based on the role concept – even on the construction site in remote areas by mobile.

If you prefer the cloud: data is hosted in an European ISO certified computer centre under the EU privacy rules.

The enterprise File Sync & Share solution (EFSS)  is a common platform for collaboration. Logical access controls and notification engine gurantee a structured and fluent communication and avoids security deficiencies.


The browser based central system controls the workflows saving superfluous activities. Accessibility in remote places by mobile device helps to avoid delays. On a need-to-know basis, the user is guided to and through his individual tasks timely.

External users can be granted a restricted access.


Project status and documentation reports are available online supporting the risk detection function.

Performance analysis show the most important deviations between plan and reality on effort, cost and time dimensions. Further statistical calculations help you to spot areas of higher interest for the controlling department.


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