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Complaint management

Manage praise and complaints from your customers, business partners and employees flexibly and transparently.

Version: 2

What’s co_complaints?

  • Do want to manage complaints of any source in a single system?
  • Should capture and case management provide a high degree of automation and user comfort and run efficiently?
  • Does your organisation require an end-to-end support from case entry to solution follow up?

Professional Complaint Management

co_complaints provides convenience, through a direct access via (any) browser, integration of familiar Microsoft Office products, enhanced Outlook/Exchange interface. co_complaints enables the modern information-worker or case manager to perform his daily operations efficiently.

A target-oriented approach to the management of product and service quality or other organisational issues requires an efficient case management process. This process requires consistency on a centralised, reliable and controlled information base that supports all phases of the case life cycle – starting from a user-friendly case registration mechanism incl. mobile devices leading to a manual and/or automated pattern recognition. Case bundling, cost allocation and a strict time management allows the user of the powerful reporting tool detailed control of daily operations, performance monitoring and a broad and thorough analysis.

Pattern detection across organisational units, product segments, IT-systems and language barriers, the availability of information about the reusability of standardised solutions and a timely monitoring of critical measures and performance indicators have the strongest impact on the overall product quality and hence customer satisfaction.

Pre-defined business rules route all new cases to the desktop of the case owner. co_complaints structures the case related information and allows the retrieval from any other information sources. First, the case owner qualifies the case and decides on the solution. Once, the resolution strategy with the corresponding tasks is defined, the system’s workflow engine will drive the respective task owners through the resolution process in the pre-set timeline, keeping all stakeholders informed about their obligations and escalating overdue process steps.

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