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Manage your audits efficiently and transparently: from planning to implementation. Authorize, distribute and monitor the findings and measures.

Version: 2


  • Should a professional audit management system cover your entire audit cycle?
  • Does your organisation require a status overview to manage capacity and schedule reports?
  • Should all results and findings be followed up without system barriers or interruptions?
  • Are common patterns hard to identify and analyse?
  • Is the associated risk evaluated and documented systematically?
  • Do you track the counter measures regarding timely implementation and budget?

Professional audit management and reporting

The Rosetta stone of corporate governance is an adequate audit function.

Starting with the audit planning, all are informed by the system based on their respective role. The communication resides on a common, consistent and centralised database to avoid miscommunication, delays or troubleshooting effort.

Predefined forms guarantee readability, transparency and overview across cultures and borders. Attachments can be imported and stored in any format with each task to ease communication and provide evidence over long distances. Audit reports and resulting measures can be entered or uploaded. Corresponding workflows are then initiated and managed by co_audits.

Pre-population functions and embedded audit instructions ease the life of the auditors and planners. The tagging of findings relates them to the more general picture for the organisation to find common relations between deviations and other circumstances (temperature, climate, location, material, age, business partner, lead times, …).

Information security

Confidential information is protected against misuse or unauthorised distribution through logical access controls on a „need to know basis“, encryption of content in the network and in the database.

Encryption provides an even higher level on security depending on the chosen security class of the audit.

Professional reporting

Once the audit results are collected, the application can provide all sorts of statistics on the organisational, geographical or timely dimensions. The results can be categorized under functional aspects or risk areas. Patterns can be recognised and critical situations detected before any damage to the organisation take place.

The integration of Microsoft Office products with all their degrees of freedom supports the corporate design and branding policy. Traceability, accessibility around the globe with rapid response times are the backbone of a reliable audit management system.

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