co_ issues


Control, track and monitor your organization’s tasks, activities and initiatives!

Version: 1

co_issues, web-based task control

  • Steer your organisation in a universal and user-friendly tool!

  • Ease of use and dynamic adaptation to tasks and projects help to adapt to a changing environment and organisation.
  • Keep everybody informed online about progress, current and future tasks!

  • Report your activities based on the dimensions cost, progress, products, time span, business partner, department or cost centre!
  • Maintain and track the relationship to other – especially quality relevant – information.

  • Cost-benefit analysis is available from plan until completion.
  • Apply only documented and auditable workflows.
  • Have all of this automated to address the size of your organisation and reduce the risk of human error.

Simple capture and planning of activities

Audits, constructions, maintenance work, IT implementations or other spontaneous initiatives are easily administrable through a modern centralised web-application. Data entry, planning, notification, analysis, reporting and evaluation are handled from one application. Program or project manager can concentrate on the management instead of the data and monitor the progress online. Reminders or escalations are triggered by the system. All tasks, steps and statuses are logged in the database and therefore archived with the respective audit trail.


Measures, activities, tasks and their results are distributed under geographical or organisational aspects, so that everybody involved receives the relevant information and all modifications on a need to know-basis. Decision-makers receive the results timely and online. The separate reporting module allows to evaluate all activities costs, savings under aspects of time, location, business unit or partner, product, ….

Project management

Once the project plan is set, the execution or implementation follows task by task respecting the interdependencies like task A can only start/end after task B started/ended. A GANT-chart helps stakeholders and the project manager to monitor the progress. Overdue, -budget or –effort tasks according to the plan can be highlighted.

Change management can be performed baselining the original project plan. The new, modified or eliminated tasks are logged.

Task execution

Along with comment, evidence and completion notice, the user can record his effort (working hours) and cost. Budget overruns can hence be detected by the project management early.

Multi-project management

co_issues is capable to run many projects in parallel and bind them into a program or portfolio. Common KPIs make the comparable. However, the nature/content of the projects must be similar. Otherwise, the ratio regarding budget overrun, overdue, progress as percentage of completion has a limited meaning.

Other modules

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