• Gain a competitive edge from a unified and common database combined with an individual solution meeting the specific requirements of your organisation exactly.
  • Gain a competitive edge from the cost advantages of standard software without missing necessary functions.
  • Gain a competitive edge from web based, integrated cooperation and team integration on a auditable and traceable platform.

We customise the application to support your business processes. The business logic is encapsulated in pre-defined reliable building blocks.

Some typical combinations are:

Hosting all modules on a common platform does not only ease the technical effort regarding interfaces, licences, maintenance and hardware resources and therefore IT-investment and operational costs. Furthermore, the communication yields a global unified framework and the cooperation becomes reliable and efficient. Reports, KPIs like quality costs or ressource utilisation can be aggregated at each level of geographical or organisational units, period. E.g. creativity by location, contracts per legal unit with value above a certain threshold, norm references of audits, audit programs or instructions, time to implementation of improvement proposal, time to resolve complaints per product, …