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Safety, Health and environmental management.

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Effective safety management

  • Stop loosing working hours and reduce your sick leaves
  • Establish a compliant, current and efficient management system
  • Have your employees informed and trained
  • Keep an audit trail of your activities to protect staff and environment

Apply modern IT

The package co_safety of C.O.S provides a reliable, compliant and auditable system to assess risks, create and distribute work and safety instructions or embed them into your SOPs and track all issues and actions in this field. In the first module you will assess all associated risks of a position (Engineer, steel worker, carpenter, …), working environment (shop floor, laboratory, office, …) location (plant, property, building, room, …)  and personal factors (motherhood, pregnancy, retardation, seniority, …) The next module stores the laws and regulations and collects your safety instructions für examination, approval and distribution to the respective employee groups. Optionally, in a third module you can have the receivers of safety instructions tested for comprehension of the content. Training material can be audio, video, text or hybrid format and the testing procedures can threshold can be adapted. Reports keep you informed on the staff’s training status.

This system makes sure that all new scientific knowledge and all regulations are put into practice fast, traceable and effectively.

All content like risk assessments, safety instructions or training material come with a validity period and hence are revised regularly.

Workflow and notification

All resulting instructions and documents are distributed exactly to whom they concern – considering organisational and geographical criteria. Inspectors and responsible are typically set up as disjunctive groups to avoid conflicts.

Necessary changes triggered by novelties of regulations can be processed very efficiently as the references to the existing documentation is saved. Therefore, the related parts can be spotted and modified directly.

The protective measures are approved, implemented and their effectiveness in practice checked afterwards.

C.O.S has a repertoire of catalogues of risk factors for many industries, but you can always integrate or use your own individual set.

C.O.S provides and update-Service for Germany and Luxembourg to keep the requirements current.

Other modules

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