Management and distribution of contracts

Version: 4.5
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What is co_contracts?

  • Web based contract management system
  • Transparent authorisation through capture, review and approval stages
  • Distribution to groups or defined scopes on a need to know basis
  • Simple customizing and parametrisation even in complex organisational structures
  • Integrated status monitoring and deadline controls incl. escalation and reminder procedures
  • Reporting-modul
  • Secured database, encrypted network traffic and confidendiality function
  • User comfortable with Microsoft office package embedding
  • Hardly any software maintenance

Professional Contract Management and –documentation

co_contracts steers the procedures and manages the contracts of your organization. co_contracts is key to a structured procurement-, human resource- and sales function. According to the individual requirements respective contract types are configured to address authorisation and distribution needs. Additional information of any kind and format (like net value or penalty …) can be attached in any format.
co_contracts monitors the status and notifies task owners and stake holders timely throughout the entire contract lifecycle. Delays or flaws can be escalated automatically.

Penalties, miscommunication with business partners or undesired prolongations are avoided. A timely preparation for oncoming negotiations are easy to master.

Modular Structure

By customisation of organisational structure the responsibilities are transparent. Relations among contracts or with other documents ( e.g. complaints or process instructions, …) become visible. Related content in other modules is retrieved and assessed by a simple search function. Tasks of all modules appear in an overview to ease prioritisation for the user. The roles based reporting allows a drill down to detail level incl. version automated comparism.